Monday, November 21, 2011

Letter 11/21

Hello everyone!
So this week has been one of the biggest up and down weeks of my mission! We had the best 2 days at the beginning of the week and then some of the slowest and hardest days for me at the end of the week. Weird how that happens huh? I won't talk too much about the last couple of days...there isn't too much to write about. but Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday were great!! We got 2 new investigators this week! And we had a lesson with Elena (remember her?) who said she wants to be baptized! She has several concerns but I don't doubt that we will be able to overcome them! Do you remember Nataša our English class student who doesn't believe in God? Listen to this. So when transfers were coming up we told her that one of us might be leaving...she didn't like that. ( I probably already told the basic story but here are some more details)
I said " Hey can we take a picture just in case one of us leaves next week?"
Nataša: "No"
Sister staheli: " yeah just it case?"
Me: Please just in case?
Nataša: " I don't like this 'case'!!"

It made us laugh:)
the next week we told her we would both be staying and she said that she had prayed that we would stay. (thank you inspired mission president!)We said "We thought you didn't believe in God" she said "Well you believe in God and I thought if I prayed to your God he would probably listen". yeah God hears all of our prayers! Last week we asked her to read Alma 32. This week she came back and said she really connected to that chapter. She said that she doesn't believe in God...but she is willing to take the challenge in Alma 32 and make a place in her heart to plant a seed to see if it grows. To find out if God exists and if she is his daughter. Sister Staheli and I were so excited we were practically jumping out of our chairs!! nataša just laughed. I love her so much and I really hope we can be in tune with the spirit to teach her to her needs. She is amazing!

Our other new investigator is the friend of a less active...I may have written about her last week. Marjanca ( her daughter has epilepsy). We asked her if she wanted to learn more this week and she said " Well I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to find out what this was!" She is a very blunt woman but has a great desire to know Christ better. I am so excited for her!

So this week I had a talk in Sacrament meeting...and as those things always go for missionaries here I had about 2 hours to prepare, 1 the evening before and 1 hour the morning of. I can't tell you how many times I have been grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and that was definitely one of those times!¨ Scriptures kept coming to mind and quotes that I wanted to use and it was amazing. Last time I gave a talk I had it all written out, exactly what I wanted to say and then I had Monika correct it for me. This time....just a couple of notes, no Monika, just me and the Holy Ghost and God's word. It was a neat experience for me if for no one else. But sister Staheli said that she got an answer to a prayer during it so I know it was inspired. I love it when that happens! I am so grateful for how much the Lord loves his missionaries and blesses us!
Ok enough for now I love you all!
Sestra Powell

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