Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tadeja is getting baptized!

Hey errybody!
So...This week is Tadeja's baptism!! It is really looking like she is finally going to make it into the water this time! We are so excited. She had her interview and passed with flying colors. Her boyfriend is coming in on Thursday and the baptism is on Saturday. GOOD STUFF!!!!!!(see all those exclamation marks mom? Now THAT is freaking out..baha!) This Saturday our mission is having a total of 4 baptisms! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! So cool.
This week has been the week of me being grateful for inspired missionaries! I am so grateful for my companion and our elders here! Sister Staheli and I have had several experiences where I have been at a loss for what to say or do and she (following the Spirit) has come up with the perfect action or answer. I am really trying to follow her example! Also our district leader Elder Shillabeer had a whole district meeting planned but the day of he told us that he was told to change it...and as he told us what topic he had changed it to I felt the spirit so strongly and knew that it had been changed for me. The whole meeting was an answer to my prayers and I was so grateful! The Spirit was so strong and i truly felt the Lord's love for me. He is aware of us and knows our needs and will never forsake us! That is amazing and that is the message i have for the world! So good:)
So we had several interesting strike outs this week. We have been trying to visit a less active member for awhile and there is a random guy living with her. Every time he answers the phone or the door he says she isn't home. We went to visit and again he said she wasn't there...we got in the blok and he said we could even search the apartment. We looked around and there was one door that was just happened to be her room... we'll see what happens with that. We had a couple of other fruitless efforts as well but I won't waste my time telling about the frustrations. How about an amazing English class student! her name is Nataša and we love her! She says that she isn't interested in the gospel but she feels the spirit every time and says that we just have a good energy. At the beginning she claimed she didn't even believe in she is saying she believes in something and sometimes even prays! It is a slow process but she is coming closer to God without even knowing it and it is so neat! I love the way the Lord works. This week she came and told us some minor problems she is having in life and we asked if we could come to her house and teach her family about having FHE. She said she would think about it! That was a big step for her:)
I am so excited about this week and looking forward to more miracles! Thank you for your prayers and love!
Sestra Powell

Hi all! Annie's story confused me a bit (why would a missionary take somebody up on an offer to search their apartment for somebody who doesn't want them to be there?) So, I've included an excerpt from Sestra Staheli's letter (Annie's companion). It helps clarify...just in case you want to know! (LP)

Here it is:
One of our members, Lucija, is deaf, and has this guy living with her. And he HATES us. We called her, and finally she answered instead of him, and we set up the next day. We got there, he answered the buzz, and said she wasn't there. I was just like, Georgie, JE doma, VRATA PROSIM. (She IS home, DOOR PLEASE) He buzzed us in, and let us search the house. Only problem, one door was mysteriously locked, and the door, her bedroom... so we knocked, but she is deaf, so probably didn't hear. It is insane.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Dobro Jutro!!!
Actually it is more like dober dan now ...almost 12...anyway. So I am glad that you all got a kick out of sister staheli's story last week:) The elders tried calling him this week and he didn't his "elect"ness is yet to be determined. I'll keep you updated!
This week has gone pretty well....other than the temperature drop from 24 C to 9 in one day....not fun. Mom soon I'm going to have to get a better winter boots and a warmer coat...and stuff... so if there are some large purchases from my cards just know that that it is for my sanity and safety. I've already been warned that as a St. Georgian I am going to freeze. Joj. We spent a lot of time handing out English flyers in the rain...and my new umbrella broke because it was so windy! The rain was pretty though:)
Ok so for some of the miracles this week!
Tadeja has a baptismal date!....again:) but this time I really think it is going to go through. Her boyfriend in coming in on october 21 and she is getting baptized on the 22! She is so ready and has been preparing and investigating for a long time. I think almost all of the missionaries here have taught her atleast once:) So it is a whole mission baptism:) That is one thing I love about this mission. There are so few missionaries that when we have baptism everyone has had a part in the investigator's conversion in some way or the other. I'm not sure how it is in other missions but it is really neat! We had another baptism on Saturday. A woman the kranj elder's have been teaching finally got baptized. She was dropped a couple of times but they never gave up on her. She is such a sweet woman! her name is Antonija and she really wants the sisters to go up to Kranj for a visit atleast once:) So fun!

We had a really good lesson with Helena this week!...well it was really good for us. It was a really neat experience for me because I honestly have never prayed so hard for the spirit to be on a lesson as I did on that one. My prayers were definitely answered and the spirit was so strong. We taught about our relationship with christ and how the Book of Mormon testifies of him. We all got down and prayed for her to find out if it was true. Helena said that she didn't really feel anything …I guess that is just evidence of the scripture that says that we can only bring the spirit unto the hearts of the children of men. I really hope we can break down her shell. She truly does want to do the right thing, she is reading from the Book of Mormon every day, but I'm afraid she has put up some walls and she will have to let them down before she will be able to truly feel the spirit and receive answers to her prayers. It was a huge testimony builder for me and I am grateful for the spirit and it's guidance!
Well we are going to go have a picnic with the elders so I'd better get going:)
Rada vas imam!
Sestra Powell

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hey everyone!

So this week has been a rough week. Only one of our investigators was able to even set up! We had about 13 lessons cancel, most of them the day of the lesson and it was just a slow week. What happened to last week!? I guess that just proves the ups and downs of the life of a missionary doesn't it? lets hope this week goes back up!
The one lesson we had with our investigator was really good! Her name is Cvetka and she is the friend of the district president. She is a sweet lady and made us some really good soup that made sister staheli sick afterwards because it had peppers...not so good. anyway. We asked her to be baptized and she...kind of in a round about way said yes!! She said that she wasn't prepared, but she asked a TON of questions about baptism. I'm really excited about her. Pres. Juhart said last week that she will be baptized but she nees some time and a little bit of pushing...I'm getting a little better with the boldness so we'll see how it goes:)
So want to hear some good news? Sister Staheli thinks I'm funny Really, I have never had someone laugh so much at random things that I do, haha it makes me laugh and so it makes for some good times.

So the highlight of the week! GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! It felt like my Birthday or Christmas or something. I got to watch 3 1/2 sessions and I was so spiritually fed and I can't wait to reread more than half of them! I don't even know what insights to share I had so many....most of them about things I need to improve as a missionary. There are so many and It is a little bit overwhelming because I have so many ways I need to improve. I'm still working on a love for the Slovene people... and how many talks were on Charity? I love the members here sooooo much and also our investigators...but I'm still working on the love for the complete strangers (especially creepy guys who give us there phone number...yeah sorry I left that out last week family It was one of the things I meant to put in but just didn't have time! we have come in contact with several here and sometimes it's funny, sometimes a little nerveracking, in učasih just plain bizarre). The slovene people are very closed people. For example we ask people on the street how God helps them in their lives and they respond " yeah, he helps". thinking that that is a completely adequate answer. They aren't willing to give away much. and then if they do open up most of them are completely content with where they are in life and don't think we have anything different to offer...that is probably a pretty universal mind set though in the world right now. Lukewarm people. JOJ. Well I just got off on a tangent....sorry about that. So general conference. One of my favorite talks was Deiter F. Uchtdorfs...and also Carl B. Cooks. I loved the story he told about president Monson " It is better to look up"! I thought that was really profound and helped me receive a little bit of revelation about how I need to be someone constantly who can help people redirect thier wordly perspectives to the lord. If that makes any sense. I'm no prophet...obviously, but I am a servant of the Lord who is here to help others do just that.

O.K I'd better go. I love you all!
Sestra Powell